We need more women in our government

By Kristian Carranza Thompson, San Antonio Regional Coordinator

Our state and our country won’t become better places for women until there are more of us at the table as decision-makers, rather than dismissed or pushed to the sidelines.

Empowering more women to work in our government and fight for Texans is extremely important to me. That’s why I organized a leadership training for women in politics in San Antonio this month. I wanted to make sure you saw some updates about this training and got an opportunity to fund future women’s leadership trainings like this one.

Women's Training photos

Ours was an extensive two-day training during which participants learned the ins and outs of running a campaign. They gained messaging and communications skills and dug into data. They learned how to create a campaign timeline, how to calculate a win number for their districts, how to tell their personal stories to engage volunteers, and more from women leaders in Texas politics. The entire training was experiential, so participants got to practice the skills they had just learned.

Annie’s List Political Director Monica Gomez led a training about how to run a campaign, and former gubernatorial candidate and state senator Wendy Davis was a guest speaker. She inspired the crowd with her personal story and motivated everyone in attendance to do everything we can to elect more women to public office.

Many thanks to our speakers, trainers, donors, and attendees for making this training great. I’m excited to see all the amazing things that these women leaders will go on to do! Donate now to fund our next training.

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