Good news for voting rights in Texas

By Anna Whitney, Digital Director

This weekend, federal judges found that Texas lawmakers drew up three U.S. congressional districts to intentionally dilute the voting power of Latinos.

Republicans have been drawing the map to make sure they stay in power (it’s called gerrymandering) — and the federal courts have called them out on it. Now, it’s up to all of us to hold the Texas legislature (who will likely have the chance to redraw the map) accountable for making sure they get it right.

Now, what does this mean for Texas?

  • The mapping of 3 U.S. congressional districts in Texas have been struck down (two of the districts are currently represented by Republicans)
  • The congressional map in Texas could be re-drawn (generally, courts will give lawmakers another chance at it, but “plaintiffs could argue that Texas can’t be trusted to try again“)
  • Important Voting Rights Act and gerrymandering cases will be brought to the Supreme Court
  • Texas could be required to have our voting laws run by the federal government before they are enacted (because the ruling contains findings that the discrimination against Latino voters was intentional)

This is great news for Texas voters. It’s a step in the right direction — toward having representatives who truly represent Texas communities.

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