New Faces in Houston

By DJ Ybarra, Houston Regional Coordinator

This past week we had a great Fellows onboarding. We had 7 Fellows from diverse backgrounds, from all over the Houston area. One participant said she attended because a friend had mentioned the training to her. She became a Fellow on the spot, and we are so excited to have her!

All of the new Fellows were excited to learn about organizing in their communities from some of the best Volunteer Leaders and former Fellows in Texas. Former Fellows Lauren, John, Carla, and Francisco were ready to train the new class after sharing their stories about how being a Battleground Texas Fellow led them to where they are today.

The biggest hit of the day was Volunteer Leader TJ’s digital training. It was incredibly engaging and fun for the Fellows — they took turns practicing their selfies, taking good group pictures, and learning how to implement their personal stories into their digital outreach. There was also a lot of interest in learning how Battleground Texas uses a data-driven approach in organizing Texans to get out and vote.

This Fellows training was an energizing jolt for the Volunteer Leaders. They enjoyed seeing so many new Fellows join our Battleground Texas family. The Volunteer Leaders were so excited to have this fresh enthusiasm on their teams, and about the fact that our Fellows were as diverse as Houston itself. And the new Fellows were excited to join such an experienced and fun team of leaders. We have high goals for these Fellows in the next couple of weeks, so look out for these Fellows registering voters, organizing house meetings, and calling you sometime soon!

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