A huge win for voting rights

For the eighth time since 2011, a federal court has found that Texas’ voter ID law discriminates against minority voters.

But here’s what’s different this time — the court also struck down Texas Republicans’ attempt to soften the law — Senate Bill 5, which passed this summer in the legislature.

Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos tossed out the new law AND barred the state from enforcing “any vestige of the voter photo ID law.”

This is amazing news for voting rights. Texans of color still face disproportionate barriers to casting their ballots, but with this decision, we’re getting closer and closer to ensuring that all eligible Texans can make their voices heard.

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It’s been a great summer for voting rights here in Texas.

Earlier this summer, federal judges ruled that the maps for three of our state’s congressional districts violate the Voting Rights Act. It’s so encouraging that Texas Republicans are getting called out for their attempts to disenfranchise voters.

The challenge to Texas’ voter ID law even asked Judge Ramos to require that Texas get federal approval for any changes to our election laws to ensure they don’t discriminate, but that decision will come later.

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