Historic for Texas Democrats

This is amazing news — Yesterday was the candidate filing deadline, and a historic number of Texas Democrats have filed to run against Republicans in 2018.

Texas Democrats are contesting all 36 U.S. House seats in 2018, 133 out of 150 state House seats, and 14 out of 15 state Senate seats. This is a huge deal — and another early sign of Texas becoming a battleground state.

We owe this to everyday Texans who have come forward and said enough is enough, that Republicans don’t represent our values as Texans and that we need to do something about it.

It’s also possible through the work of Battleground Texas and our progressive partners, who recruit and train Texans to run for office.

This is an exciting milestone — but our work is far from over.

Donate today to support Battleground Texas’ work turning out Texans to vote for Democrats in every single election so that we can make the state competitive.

Blue Texas