How high school politics inspired me to run for office

By Bailee Ufert, Battleground Texas Headquarters Intern

I’ve always had an interest in government and politics. When I was ten, I watched President Obama’s first Inaugural Address. His words of unity, even through tough times, still stand out in my mind eight years later. I was incredibly inspired by the hurdles President Obama jumped through and even more by how he showed no signs of stopping.

I think I really knew what I wanted to do with my life after I ran for Student Council in my hometown of Baytown, Texas, when I was 14. My high school friends always seemed remiss about their voices not being heard in student government. I decided to be the one to change that. I ran against the Donald Trump of my high school. My opponent joined the race as a joke, but he somehow managed to make a name for himself without providing many concrete ideas or platforms. Still, I lost my race by four votes. That loss propelled me, rather than holding me back, to work harder and make a name for myself. I really knew what I wanted to do with my life after that — I want to pursue a career in politics and one day run for office.


intern bailee got interested in politics in high school

Four years after my high school Student Council loss, I moved to Austin to study history at the University of Texas. I never dreamed that I would have an internship within two weeks of starting my freshman year. I applied to Battleground Texas because civic engagement and spreading the word about the democratic process are very important to me, probably because I’ve spent my whole life in a state that is, at best, cavalier about these important issues. Now, I get to work with an organization that prioritizes those ideals. Between my internship and my involvement in three on-campus organizations, including the University Democrats, I feel like for the first time in my life, I am actively making a difference in the political process. I can’t imagine a more rewarding feeling.

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