Greg’s Unconstitutional Sandwich

By Victoria Zyp, Field Director

Greg Abbott got caught up in an unconstitutional sandwich this week.sandwich

  • On Thursday, he lost his fight to defend $5.4 billion in education cuts as the Texas school finance system was ruled unconstitutional.
  • On Friday, he vowed to appeal when a federal judge ruled HB2 — the controversial bill that would shutter women’s health clinics across the state — unconstitutional.
  • And in between, Abbott found time to back out of a previously agreed-upon debate with Wendy Davis.

There’s only one thing Greg Abbott fears more than losing in court or having to defend his record on TV: an expanded Texas electorate. Well, our Volunteer Deputy Registrars have only 37 more days to give him exactly that.

So I’m asking, can you chip in $3.70 to support our voter registration efforts over the next 37 days before the deadline?

There’s a reason the GOP is having so much bad luck in court (did I mention Rick Perry was indicted?). Clearly, Democrats are on the right side of Texas history.

We will increase voter participation across the state, and we’ll do it for all the teachers and students who have suffered from budget cuts; for the women who will be denied adequate health care if clinics are forced to close; and for every Texan who deserves to hear our candidates engage in a lively debate of the issues.

It all starts with voter registration. Please chip in $3.70, the cost of one morning latte, to help us get Texas registered.