Finally Something We Agree On

By Cliff Walker, Political Director

Texas turning into a Battleground state “is the biggest pipe dream I have ever heard,”  Rick Perry proclaimed in February. Well, that was then. Three short months and over  1200 voter registration volunteers later, the Texas GOP has changed their minds.

Listen to this: Steve Munisteri, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, speaking to a group — creatively named “Battlefield Dallas.”

At the meeting, Munisteri announced: “Texas is gonna be a Battleground.” 

Not only is he convinced of this, but he is so on board that he is using our talking points as well! “Thanks to Battleground,” he exclaimed, “the eyes of the nation will be on our state, and as our state goes, our entire country goes.”

Well that was easy! Not exactly a steely resolve from the Republican leadership – Thanks for the support Mr. Chairman, we couldn’t agree more!

If you’re ready to take the next step — join us. We’re covering the state with organizers, volunteers and activists. There is a lot of work ahead, and we’re in. Are you?