Why community engagement is so important

By Jazmin Mendoza, Battleground Texas Regional Coordinator for El Paso

I remember the first time I got involved in my community. I was a junior in high school living in El Paso, and a local candidate for county commissioner came to my school to speak to the students.

Hearing him speak was the first time I witnessed a candidate who truly cared for the people he wanted to represent. I got an internship with him because I wanted to help make change in my community.

Throughout high school and college, I continued to be involved. I volunteered with Texas Freedom Network and interned for State Senator Jose Rodriguez. While working for the Senator, I registered voters on college campuses and at high schools through Sen. Rodriguez’s initiative to get every eligible high school senior in his district registered to vote.

I love meeting high school students who are starting to get interested in politics — just like I was at their age. I enjoy talking with them about the importance of voting and encouraging them to talk to their friends and family about it too.

Jazmin in Austin

Being involved in my community is so important to me, and that’s why I’m most excited to start organizing with Battleground Texas in my hometown, El Paso. I want to help guide people in El Paso and encourage them to become leaders. Because when you talk to one person about voting, they’ll get someone else to vote — and that’s how we really create change.

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