We can’t let Republicans repeal the ACA

By Delaney Tubbs, Battleground Texas Summer Fellow

I got involved in politics because of my mom — one of my best friends, my biggest role model, and the strongest person I know. Unfortunately, my mother has lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes one’s body to attack its own organs. You would never be able to tell my mom has lupus just from looking at her. Her disease is very well controlled and does not affect her day-to-day life at all thanks to a plethora of doctors.

Lupus, however, is considered a pre-existing condition, which made it very difficult for my mom to get insurance prior to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Progressive policies have allowed for my mom to continue leading a healthy life, working a job she loves, and caring for my brother and me.

Call and tweet at these senators right now and urge them not to repeal the ACA.

Delaney and her mom

I love my mom, and keeping the policies in place that keep her healthy is important to me. I can’t stand by and watch all the progress made under President Obama’s administration collapse.

Call and tweet at these senators to urge them to vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act.