Camp MoTex: Learning to engage our communities through voter registration

By Priscila Martinez, Battleground Texas Field Director

After the success of our statewide Movimiento Texas training back in May, Battleground Texas held three trainings — called Camp MoTex — in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston over the past few weeks.

At Camp MoTex, participants learned the best strategies for effectively registering voters, including how to make a “hard ask” to encourage someone to get registered. Some of the key takeaways from the training were how to ask the right questions, like “What color is your voter card?”, and how to be persistent when asking new voters to register.

Camp MoTex participants practice using the hard ask

One of the most interesting things for me was when participants brainstormed about all the people we interact with in our daily lives who we can register to vote. For example, one participant who is an Uber driver said he wanted to register all the people to whom he gives rides.

Camp MoTex focused on registering and empowering Latino voters, and my favorite thing about the training was how many people were interested in doing this with us! I’m proud that through Camp MoTex, we’re giving people the opportunity to do it. Everyone that attended was so diverse, from all different parts of town. For some, this was their first time volunteering, while others were veteran volunteers. Some had registered Latinos before, while some were registering voters for the first time.

The trainings were so successful — in Houston there was standing room only, and we’re going to hold a second training for all the people who wanted to attend. We were so inspired by how many people want to be part of the conversation to register Latinos with us. It was great to have different perspectives on where we can go to do voter registration around the different cities.

Camp MoTex Dallas participants

As they left the training, participants said they felt empowered to register many more voters now that they’ve learned the best ways to do so. Participants who were already deputized signed up to register voters with us at upcoming events, while people who aren’t deputized made plans to attend VDR trainings.

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