Calling for Texas

Since the election, hundreds of Texans have signed up online to volunteer with Battleground Texas. Some of these amazing volunteers live outside of the main counties that our Regional Coordinators cover (Bexar county, Dallas county, Harris county, El Paso county, and the surrounding areas). That’s why headquarters staff and Austin volunteers have been calling these people to let them know how to get deputized to register voters and to invite them to upcoming statewide trainings.

Some of the people with whom we spoke were involved in the past but are ready to commit to volunteer this year, while others are just getting involved for the first time. Some of our favorite moments were talking with existing volunteers who were Neighborhood Team Leaders in 2014 and are now precinct chairs in their communities. It was also great to empower brand-new volunteers with the knowledge they need to start building their own neighborhood teams and connecting new volunteers with existing teams in areas like Parker County. Below are Beth, Battleground Texas Managing Director, and Andy, Special Projects Manager, putting in some call time!

Beth calling for Texas Andy calling for Texas

We’re committed to including volunteers wherever they live, and it’s always fun for our headquarters staff to speak to volunteers from places outside the big metro areas and hear why they want to be involved.

Want to volunteer? Let us know how you’d like to be involved with Battleground Texas in 2017.