Blue Star Project Will Welcome New Candidates in 2016!

By Oscar Silva, Political Director

blue star 2016

I’m excited to announce that we will soon be welcoming our second class of Blue Star candidates! With our Blue Star Project, we identify and work with candidates in key legislative races. We rally support for these candidates and ensure that more Texans’ voices are heard, so that our elected officials represent the diversity of our great state.

We welcomed our first class of Blue Star candidates in 2014, and we saw a significant increase in democratic performance in 9 of our 11 Blue Star districts — in one district we saw an 11.33% increase!

This success was due to coordination with our Blue Star candidates and our own efforts — including coordinated field, data, and digital programs guided by organizing expertise — along with that of other progressive ally groups.

This year we’re building on that work and continuing our Blue Star program. We know 2016 will have dramatically better turnout than 2014. We’re going to push even harder for results with the help of our amazing volunteers in this exciting presidential election year.

Now that the primaries are over, we know some great progressive candidates will be on your ballots in November — and we’re here to rally supporters to go to the polls for them.

If you want our elected officials to represent the diversity of Texans, chip in $5 or more to support great down-ballot candidates in local races.

Stay tuned for updates on our Blue Star candidates!

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