Blue Star Project: Meet Kim Gonzalez

By Ramsey Reid, Campaigns Director

Kim Gonzalez

“Everybody knew their neighbors, worked hard, and gave back to the community. That’s the Texas I want my children to know.” —Kim Gonzalez

Kim Gonzalez is a mom, a wife, and a child abuse prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office. She’s a lifelong resident of Portland, Texas, and the only thing she loves more than her hometown is her husband and kids. She can’t wait to send her two children to the same public schools that she attended in Portland.

Kim was raised by hardworking parents who exemplify the American Dream. Her father, a chemical plant worker, and her mother, an administrator and manager at various companies, taught Kim that she could be whatever she wanted to be as long as she worked hard.

In the District Attorney’s office, she specializes in prosecuting crimes of physical and sexual abuse against children. Kim prides herself on her work with law enforcement, Child Protective Services, medical professionals, and educators to promote a cohesive environment for all those who work with victims of abuse.

House District 43 needs the leadership of an experienced professional like Kim Gonzalez — I hope you’ll join us in pledging your support for her today.