Why I believe in registering first-time voters

By Andrew, Harris County high school teacher

Voting is an integral part of the American identity. As a high school teacher, I’ve seen firsthand that when a person votes for the first time early in their life, it will become habitual.

That’s why I’m so passionate about getting high school students registered to vote. At my school in Harris County, Texas, the administration enthusiastically gave their permission to hold a voter registration drive. Battleground Texas helped recruit voter registration volunteers to hold a non-partisan voter registration drive for any student eligible to get registered (17 years and 10 months or older). We were able to register a couple hundred students on the first day!

DJ Ybarra and Volunteer Deputy Registrars came back two more times throughout the year, and it was really impressive that we registered nearly 400 students in just 3 voter registration drives.

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If we had more volunteers and more schools join in on this effort for the 2016-2017 school year, high schools will not only be preparing students and young adults for the next phase of their life, but for many years to come as well.

Texas election law states that at least twice each school year, a high school deputy registrar must supply eligible students with voter registration applications – but not every school does this.

That’s why teachers like me need to make sure high school students get the opportunity to cast their ballots for the first time, so they can create a lifetime habit of voting.

Texas teachers – will you do your part to help not only educate your students, but prepare them to actively participate in the electoral process?

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