2017 Accomplishments

Here’s what Battleground Texas accomplished in 2017:

Voter Registration and Turnout

  • Registered voters at 995 voter registration events (an average of almost 3 per day every day this year), including many young voters who cast their first ballots in the 2017 election
  • Turned out voters around every local election
  • Had nearly 2,000 volunteer shifts completed (and the year’s not over yet!)
    • 77% of our volunteers in 2017 were getting involved in politics for the first time
  • Helped recruit 7,493 volunteers to become Volunteer Deputy Registrars in their counties, compared to 3,165 in 2015
  • Doubled the number of high schools in which we registered voters since last year. We registered (and will continue to register) high school students in the 4 largest counties in Texas
  • Coordinated with our progressive partners, including State Sen. Sylvia Garcia, on Pasadena City Council races. We increased turnout in the districts we were involved in by an average of 3.2pp compared to 2015
  • Ran our Voter Protection Hotline, staffed by Texas-trained volunteer lawyers, for every election


Volunteer Training and Development

  • Trained volunteers with the skills to organize their communities, register voters, and turn out more Texans to the polls. We’ve seen an explosion in the number of volunteer leaders since the inauguration, nearly tripling from 2016
  • Had our largest class of Fellows since 2014. Since our program started, more than 1,100 Fellows have participated in our Fellowship program
  • Held 48 trainings, including:
    • Texas Future Leadership Program — for Texans of color who want to work on campaigns or run for office
    • Neighborhood Team Summit — community organizing 101 for new volunteers and team development for volunteer leaders
    • Movimiento Texas — for Latinxs who want to organize their communities to take action and vote
    • Women Leaders of San Antonio Training — for women wanting to run for office or get involved in politics


Staff Updates and Community Partnerships

  • Brought native Texan talent back to the state from Presidential campaigns
    • Terry Bermea (Dallas), Delilah Agho-Otoghile (Houston), and Kristian Carranza Thompson (San Antonio)
  • Collaborated with new Resistance groups across the state


There’s still time to be a part of this work in 2018. Sign on to volunteer next year or donate now to support this work.