A Summer of Voter Registration

By Jenn Brown, Executive Director

This year is all about voter registration for our neighborhood teams, and they’re finishing up the first half of 2015 super strong!

Volunteers did an incredible job registering voters at Juneteenth celebrations across Texas last weekend. At cookouts and parades and parties, Texans added their names to the voter rolls — many for the first time ever.

I’m so proud of every single Battleground Texas volunteer. And as we approach a huge quarterly fundraising deadline at the end of June, we need to make sure they have the resources to keep it up all summer long. Check out these photos from the weekend, and pitch in $5 or more to fund more voter registration drives in the future.

Summer of reg

Voter registration is Step One of how we’ll make Texas elections competitive again, and the hot summer is the perfect time to ramp up our efforts. Juneteenth will be quickly followed by the 4th of July — and from concerts in Austin to carnivals in Dallas, volunteers are planning to hit all the major local events with clipboards in hand.

The money we raise this week will go directly to these field efforts, and it will help our teams give more Texans a voice in their democracy.

If you like what Battleground Texas volunteers are doing this summer, donate $5 or more to see what we can do next.