2014: Full Speed Ahead in Houston

By Sam Kraus, Organizer

Full speed ahead

I love Houston, and it’s inspiring to see what our volunteers have built together as well as the potential yet to be realized.

For the first hour of last week’s inaugural 2014 planning meeting, Neighborhood Team Leaders interviewed applicants to the Wendy Davis Spring Fellowship. These leaders were excited to share their stories as well as what their experience has been on the campaign. Kathleen and Gail told each other about enthusiastic Fellows applicants they each interviewed—one student who was inspired by Wendy and one retiree who loves doing voter registration.

Packed into Kristie’s living room, we had folks from Spring to Sugar Land, and everyone was eager to put their heads together and plan. Kristie kicked it off, reminding everyone about how far we’ve come since last year and stressing that if we are to be successful, “BGTX Houston has to be the best in the state at registering voters.” As a sign of our success, Kristie asked the room, “Who in here is a voter registrar?” These good Texans volunteer many hours on a weekly basis executing events and incorporating new people into our team. So naturally, every single person raised their hand.

At that point, the whole room was fired up about planning the MLK weekend of action. We talked logistics, but most people shared a best practice on training people to do voter registration so that everyone is certain to feel comfortable and excited to help Wendy win! We will need hundreds of shifts filled for this weekend because there will be thousands of potential registrants celebrating the legacy of Dr. King.

Chances are there’s an MLK weekend of action event near you—find one now.