By Ramsey Reid, Campaigns Director

"I am seeking re-election because I feel that my job as a State Representative is not complete." —Rep. Mary Ann Perez

Mary Ann Perez came from humble beginnings. Her first job was cleaning downtown Houston office buildings with her grandmother. Through hard work and determination, she recognized that she could make a better life for herself and her family.

Mary Ann has since graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown and started her own insurance agency. Though she has become very successful, she always makes time for her two boys. She volunteers at their school and for their Little League baseball team, and she's always proud of their achievements.

While her children always come first, Mary Ann is also deeply invested in her community. In 2009, she was elected Chair of the Houston Community College (HCC) Board of Trustees. As Chair, she worked diligently to create programs that would reflect the needs of today’s labor market.

She has brought her experience as Board Chair of HCC to Austin by co-authoring bills aimed at bringing career and technology courses into local public high schools and allowing junior colleges to offer bachelor's degrees. For her work on these bills and others, she was named Freshman of the Year by the bipartisan Legislative Study Group.

Rep. Perez deserves another term in our state legislature — add your name if you're on board with her for November.


The Blue Star Project is an effort to support local Democratic candidates up and down the Texas ballot.

By Ramsey Reid, Campaigns Director

Judge Susan Criss, the daughter of former State Representative Lloyd Criss, is a product of the Texas Gulf Coast. A graduate of La Marque High School, Susan went on to attend the University of Texas and the South Texas College of Law. After nearly a decade in the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office and a short stint in private practice, Susan was elected to preside over the 212th District Court in 1998 — a seat she held for 15 years until she resigned to run for state representative.

During her time on the bench, Susan became known for her embrace of modern technology to demystify the legal system, and worked to encourage the rich diversity of Texas and be a champion for the rights of all Texans under the law. In addition, Susan has consistently fought on behalf of the district’s youth: She spearheaded tougher sanctions against sex offenders and fought for stronger child protections, and she founded the Galveston County Child Advocacy Center and the Galveston County Child Abuse and Neglect Task Force.

Judge Criss’ primary motivation to run for state representative is very simple: She wants to ensure that coastal residents are less vulnerable to economic devastation from natural disasters. Having worked on thousands of cases relating to Hurricane Ike damage and taking in six feet of water in her own home in the process, Susan knows firsthand the fear and uncertainty that storms bring with them.

Galveston and Chambers County deserve a representative that will stand up for them in Austin. With almost 30 years of experience in the legal system, knowledge of how laws work in practice, and a proven record of protecting the citizens of the Gulf Coast, Judge Susan Criss is ready to lead — she's the right choice for HD 23.

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The Blue Star Project is an effort to support local Democratic candidates up and down the Texas ballot.

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