By Jeremy Bird, Founder and Senior Adviser

Wendy Davis Summer Fellows - Apply Now!

Summertime. Election year. Changing Texas.

Man, I gotta tell you, that's enough to make me want to lace up the old organizing shoes and become a Wendy Davis Summer Fellow myself.

But it'll take a lot more than my efforts to keep Texas moving forward this summer. Battleground Texas is accepting a ton of new Fellows, and I don't want you to miss this opportunity.

Ready to spend your summer making Texas even better than it already is? Apply now for the 2014 Wendy Davis Summer Fellowship.

There's nothing quite like a battleground state the summer before a big election. It's hot, it's frantic, the excitement builds, volunteer numbers begin to swell, rallies get everyone pumped up, and the general public starts paying attention.

Well get ready: That's what Texas will be like this summer.

Learn from the best, get Texans registered, and do something big — apply now.

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By Rafael Alvarez, Digital Associate

All across Texas this weekend, Canvass Kickoff volunteers set out to knock on 48,000 doors for our future 48th governor, Wendy Davis.

That goal was absolutely shattered with a total of 55,559 doors knocked!

Check out the highlights from an unbelievable weekend:

Ready to join our amazing team of volunteers? Get involved today, and help Texas become the battleground state we know it can be.


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