The Battleground State Tour rolls on through the South Plains of Texas and lands in the "Hub City" itself - Lubbock!

Alex Steele, our State Field Director, spoke to a room full of enthusiastic West Texas supporters who all made it crystal clear they are ready to do their part to turn Texas into the next battleground state. Included in the crowd was Lubbock County Democratic chairman Kenny Ketner who declared that the area, “Just like the state of Texas as a whole, is not as ‘red’ as those representing us would suggest. We’re going to prove that by working with Battleground Texas to organize in our neighborhoods and get out the vote." 

At the end of his presentation, Alex reminded folks that “real change never comes from the top down; real change only comes from the grassroots up. It starts with rooms like this, right here in Lubbock." 

The standing-room only crowd was energized and ready to take action in their community going forward to make that change a reality.