Saludos from El Paso

March 26, 2013

By Oscar Silva, West Texas Senior Organizer

Our Battleground team has hit the ground hard since early this morning. You can see us marching around town sporting blue Battleground caps, a gift from the local County party.

Alex Steele, our State Field Director, met with over a dozen public officials and locals who are active in the Democratic party. "El Paso has been waiting for a movement like this for a very long time," said Glenn "Butch" Maya, the Democratic party chair, "we have had troops on the ground working at it for some time now. We're so happy to have BGTX reinforce us!" 

Our team headed over to the central east side of town for the evening event. Immediately after our arrival a troop of veteran OFA volunteers sprung into action - clipboards, cameras, and phones in hand. "Texas has given enough to the nation, it is time for Texas to get something back," said Alex Steele amidst the cheering of El Pasoans, "for Texans and by Texans!" 

67 folks engaged in critical conversation here at the largest international border in the world. Natasha Acevedo, a Las Cruces supporter and member of NMSU's Aggies for Feminism, contributed to the conversation, "The Latino population has such a strong pull. We must empower our Latino community to vote."

In El Paso, Sí se puede! Hasta pronto, El Paso. From here, we are off to the panhandle!