By Erika Sackin, Communications Director

Here's a little story about corruption:

Rick Perry has this pet project, the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF). It gives $222 million to companies that never even applied for the money or promised to create jobs with it.

Enter Greg Abbott. As attorney general, he's supposed to monitor the fund and make sure taxpayer dollars are allocated fairly. But he's getting $1.4 million in campaign contributions from the companies involved. So to protect his friends, he blocks the release of TEF "applications" that didn't even exist in the first place.

Thanks to Abbott's cover-up, the fund's problems were kept out of the press until Senator Wendy Davis had the guts to push for an audit.

Moral of the story? Greg Abbott would be no better as governor than his indicted buddy, Rick Perry.

We're down to the last day of the final fundraising quarter before Election Day — please chip in $5 or more if you're fed up with Greg Abbott's negligence.

The final debate is tonight, and Greg will have A LOT to answer for.

While Wendy Davis fights the good fight, let's keep doing our part and fund Team Wendy's home-stretch ground game to defeat Greg Abbott.

Donate $5 or more before September ends!

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“That’s what Texans do”

September 30, 2014

By Jessalyn Reid, Digital Associate

Tonight, Senator Leticia Van de Putte absolutely dominated her one and only debate with Dan Patrick for lieutenant governor.

Unsurprisingly, Patrick jumped right into attacks and offensive remarks. First up was border security, and Dan not only doubled down on his "stop the invasion" rhetoric, he also asserted his plan to repeal the Texas DREAM Act, denying in-state tuition to immigrants, even those who attended and graduated from Texas high schools.

Leticia Van de Putte was having none of it. As she said,
"The Texas DREAM Act is a smart return on investment for our entire state, not just DREAMers."

She also pointed out that Patrick is out of touch not just with everyday Texans, but also his own colleagues:

"Other Republican candidates that are running statewide don't agree with you, Senator Patrick."

Patrick proceeded to reassert his ridiculous claim that immigrants bring leprosy and tuberculosis across the border, and, clearly scrambling, even went so far as to claim that ISIS is crossing the border into Texas.

When moderator Ross Ramsey moved the conversation to women's health, Patrick didn't move any closer to reasonable discussion. From describing last summer's protesters at the Capitol as "anarchists" to bragging about his role in passing the sonogram bill, it was clear that he simply doesn't respect the women of Texas. He went on to defend his opposition to abortion in cases of rape and incest — but as Leticia countered, "The most important, personal decisions need to be made by women and the families."

Next up was education, and specifically, Patrick's twice-made decision to support cutting $5.4 billion from public schools. Though Leticia let him know that those votes caused 11,000 teachers to lose their jobs, Patrick offended every teacher, student, and parent in Texas, saying coldly that "The world didn't end."

Things didn't get any better when Ramsey turned the discussion to health care: Patrick still refuses to take advantage of the federal funding that could help millions of Texans get access to affordable medical care. But Leticia knows better:

"You just gotta love the citizens in your state more than you dislike the federal government."

After an hour-long debate, one thing is clear: Leticia Van de Putte has shown steadfast leadership in the Senate, and she's ready to lead as our next lieutenant governor.

"That's what Texans do. We roll up our sleeves and we answer the challenges of today."

If you're ready too, chip in right now to help Leticia win in November.

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Greg Abbott’s huge mistake

September 28, 2014

By Grant Fuller, Deputy Digital Director

In 2011 when Republicans cut $5.4 billion in education funding, my dad was an elementary school counselor for kids with critical needs.

Soon after, his job was slashed from full-time to half-time. He had to do the same amount of work in half the number of hours, at half the pay -- and ultimately, his students suffered.

A judge recently ruled the budget cuts unconstitutional, but Greg Abbott just won't give up defending them. Last week, he appealed the decision to the Texas Supreme Court.

This is personal for me. I'm doing everything I can to elect Wendy Davis and restore reason to our state government -- will you help us win with a $5 donation today?

Both of my parents are retired public school teachers. I'm a product of Texas public schools. And I know one thing for sure: Greg Abbott's making a huge mistake -- his voluntary decision to fight this battle is bad for Texas teachers, students, and families.

Abbott's appealing to the Supreme Court. I'm appealing to you. Chip in $5 or more and let's keep Greg out of the Governor's Mansion.

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