By Rafael Alvarez, Digital Associate

All across Texas this weekend, Canvass Kickoff volunteers set out to knock on 48,000 doors for our future 48th governor, Wendy Davis.

That goal was absolutely shattered with a total of 55,559 doors knocked!

Check out the highlights from an unbelievable weekend:

Ready to join our amazing team of volunteers? Get involved today, and help Texas become the battleground state we know it can be.


55,559 Doors

April 14 2014

By Jenn Brown, Executive Director

Over the weekend, volunteers set out to knock on 48,000 doors for the future 48th governor of Texas, Wendy Davis. It was an admittedly ambitious goal -- and we destroyed it.

At 152 Canvass Kickoff events across Texas, we knocked on 55,559 doors to build support for Wendy.

This is a really big deal, but it's still a seven-month uphill battle to Election Day. We have to keep this up if we want to stay in the race.

Pitch in $5.50 or more to build on this incredible progress and show the GOP how grassroots organizing is done.

Let's talk about goals for a second.

Two weeks ago, the Texas GOP was hyping their "Super Saturday" -- a statewide canvassing effort. They said they would knock on more than 60,000 doors, and called us out by name:

I guess they didn't have as much support as they thought, because here's the email they sent out later:

They fell 50,000 doors short. While enthusiasm is waning for Republicans, it's never been higher for us. That same week, we set a goal of 100,000 phone calls for Wendy -- and made 145,287.

The GOP is no longer the only game in Texas. We're proving every day that our grassroots volunteers are a force to be reckoned with. We set our sights high, and we're successful. This is a feeling we ought to get used to.

Are you ready to carry this momentum through November?

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55,559. Wow. 

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The Canvass Master

April 11 2014

By Emil, Neighborhood Team Leader, San Antonio

My name's Emil, and they call me The Canvass Master.

I like to think of canvassing as a team sport where we all encourage and look out for one another, and I guess I've gotten pretty good at it.

So I'm really excited for this weekend's Canvass Kickoff. We're knocking on 48,000 doors for our future 48th governor, Wendy Davis, and there are 149 opportunities around the state to be a part of it.

It's not too late — sign up to canvass this weekend, and soon they'll be calling you The Canvass Master, too.

For a lot of people, voters are simply numbers in a poll. But when you go canvassing door to door, you get to meet actual voters in real life, at the doorstep to their homes. It's a great way to get to know your surrounding communities and gain an appreciation for how they see Texas.

After we hit those 48,000 doors this weekend, we're not going anywhere. We'll be knocking and talking about great candidates like Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte until Election Day, and well after it.

Participate in the Canvass Kickoff with me — sign up to knock on some doors in your neighborhood.

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Wendy Summit Recap

April 08 2014

By Rafael Alvarez, Digital Associate

Volunteer leaders from all over Texas (Lubbock, Amarillo, DFW, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Laredo, McAllen, and more!) met in Austin on Saturday for the Neighborhood Team Summit (#WendySummit). Fantastic speeches, informative training sessions, inspiration from Wendy Davis herself, team bonding ... all while having a blast.

Check out the highlights from an amazing Saturday:

Now it's time for our volunteers to put everything they've learned into practice. Are you ready to join us? We're knocking on 48,000 doors this weekend --  find a Canvass Kickoff event near you.


98 Days Later

April 08 2014

By Christina Gomez, Digital Director

It's so sad that Equal Pay Day is a thing that exists.

Today we're reminded that it takes women until April 8th to make the same salary our male counterparts made the previous year.

While women may have technically caught up today — 98 days later (golf clap) — Greg Abbott sure hasn't. He still opposes the Fair Pay Act, defends pay discrimination in court, and references a prominent sexist in his education plan.

Add your name — tell Greg Abbott to stop trying to hold Texas women back.

We've got amazing candidates like Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte in our corner, and we know they'll fight for equality for every one of us. Meanwhile, Greg Abbott is just another GOP insider who's willing to deny equal rights to the women of Texas in order to keep a few select friends happy.

Texans are moving forward, and we won't let Greg Abbott stop us.

Say it with me: "Get with the program, Greg." Send a message to Abbott on Equal Pay Day.

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