Sherby Ann’s First Vote

October 30, 2014

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By Victoria Zyp, Field Director

Sherby Ann didn't think her vote mattered. In all her 64 years, she had never cast a ballot.

Then she met Robert, a Team Wendy volunteer, and they talked about their families and their values. Eventually, he convinced Sherby Ann that her vote does matter, and that it's only when more Texans vote that we can change the outcome of our elections.

Robert drove Sherby Ann to the polls in Freeport last week, and when she came out, these were her exact words: "That. Felt. So. GOOD!"

This is how we win. One vote at a time. But we only have 1 day left to help more Texans like Sherby Ann discover the joy of Early Voting.

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By Dave, Mansfield Staging Captain

Dave's getting involved for the first time

I would never have considered myself politically active by any standard. I would watch the news and shake my head, and I voted in presidential elections, but that was about as far as it would ever get. I never affiliated myself with any political party, and frankly, I haven't voted in a gubernatorial race in a long time. 

None of the candidates have ever really stacked up for me.  But Wendy Davis is a different story.

Her determination to fight for access to health care got my attention, and from that day last summer, I had hoped she would run for governor. My hopes were realized, and recently I decided to do something I've never done before: volunteer for a political campaign. 

I have a disability that prevents me from walking too much or standing for a long period of time, so canvassing was out of the question for me — until an organizer with Team Wendy called me one afternoon and told me about an opportunity to manage a staging location to help get out the vote. Now I'm helping canvassers with their materials, inputting data, and most importantly, talking to my neighbors and creating change in the state I love.

Wendy Davis will fight for me and other hardworking people like me, and she will not allow my voice to be silenced. This election is too important — there is too much on the line for me to sit this one out. I had to do more than turn out and vote. I had to amplify my own voice, and Battleground Texas was the microphone to do just that. 

Getting involved has helped this old man start to use his memory again. Retirement isn't all that fun when you're disabled and hurting all the time, but managing my staging location has given me a renewed sense of purpose since being out of work. I'm living proof that there's something everyone can do to help win this election. 

It's not too late to join us for the home stretch — sign up now and an organizer will be in touch.


Why we vote

October 27, 2014

By Grant Fuller, Deputy Digital Director

From health care to education to marriage equality, there is a lot at stake in this election. These Texans share why they can't wait to vote and have a say in the future of our state.

No matter your reason for voting, make sure you get to the polls! Find your polling place now.


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