Why I volunteer for Diego

February 17, 2015

By Madeleine, San Antonio Volunteer

More than one person has asked me why I volunteer so many hours in Democratic politics. I tell them it’s for my great grandchildren and the generations to follow. I'm a proud Democrat, but Diego Bernal is a standout candidate and he has motivated me to get out and volunteer for him.

I was fortunate to live in his San Antonio City Council District 1 and to have a number of interactions with Diego. I had never met any of the previous Councilmembers in the district in the almost 40 years I lived there. Diego Bernal has been the single most accessible elected official I have known in my 73 years, bar none. Not only is he accessible — he does what he says he will do and is honest about what he can and cannot do.

Diego is a man who is absolutely dedicated to his constituents and the needs of the community. He had night hours one day every week for those who work during the day. There were coffees twice every month at different locations all over the district, so anyone who wanted to ask questions had every opportunity to speak to the Councilman and/or his staff directly. Too often it's hard to get a clear answer on what our elected officials think. That's not Diego.

Why do I volunteer for Diego Bernal? If he can give so much of his life to us for so little in return, he deserves everything we can give him and more. And… I’m just selfish enough to want someone as good as this man to represent our district in Austin.

If you live in San Antonio, don't forget — TODAY is Election Day! If you haven't voted yet, here's where you can find your polling place.

“The Streets of Laredo”

February 11, 2015

By Luis, Laredo Volunteer Leader

Last year, the famous ballad "The Streets of Laredo" was often used as an anthem for Battleground Texas volunteers in the Gateway City. But unlike the fading cowboy in that song, these vaqueros were ready to come back swinging.

After the 2014 election, many volunteers in Laredo, although disappointed, got busy planning for the future. Former team leaders took their friends and fellow volunteers to the first Volunteer Deputy Registrar training of the new year and made a pledge to do everything they could to expand the electorate in South Texas.

At a recent house meeting, volunteers voiced their thoughts on what we could do differently. It came as no surprise that everybody wanted to do MORE voter registration and as often as possible! We planned on recruiting more volunteers for deputization classes, scouted locations, and signed up to attend the upcoming Neighborhood Team Summit in Austin. Those who were unable to attend asked for a follow-up training to recap the different sessions and improve their voter registration skills.

Turning Texas into a battleground state will not happen overnight. We know there will be obstacles going forward, but with the heart and dedication that our volunteers have? As Robert F. Kennedy once said, "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."

Laredo's not throwing in the towel yet, and I hope you're with us. Join the movement to make Texas a battleground state — get involved where you live.

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